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Driving Your Life & Business to the Next Level!

HD Life is designed to affect the very core of your being, enabling every part of your existence to experience success with scientific precision. It is our desire that the information you find here is simple and usable in all of your endeavors!


HD Life

Living your life in High Definition is about being clear about the strategies that lead to extraordinary success and then being able to reflect that same success for others to model.

Anatomy of Significance

The question of relationships is evolutionary. Where there is evolution, there is no answer, only what's next...  Relationships are the basis of the energy that becomes the form of whatever you want.  Without right relationships, there can't be accomplishment.

Mind Field

Mind Field deals with the "You" that extends beyond "You". If you are looking to master accomplishment, Mind Field is what you need. Learn to Make Things Right, Control Your Destiny, and Master your world. Mind Field supplies you with the keys to accomplishment.

Life Lessons

Anyone can be stuck without knowledge or ability to move beyond an undesired space.  This is due to the practice of death and the practice of poverty.  Learn how to turn around any circumstance and situation to work in your favor.  Harness the power to move beyond what stands between you and your dreams.


Spirit is a deep dive into religious belief systems. The foundation of traditional religion is now in question. It’s time to end the struggle and correct the Biblical notions that leave people perplexed. Now the basis for massive success is clearly laid out in this book as we discover the Spirit and the power of your own Spirit.

The Inside Job

Success is multidimensional.  The dimension that is entirely underrated is the body.  Any success that is to be attained must be built within the body.  The body's chemical system called the emotions must be deliberately designed.  When this is done, success and accomplishment is eminent.

Playing To Win

Success is no longer a secret!  The codes to accomplishment are clearly laid out for massive success and massive accomplishment.  The music tools along with our all new "Constellational Mapping System" will promote an optimized environment for assured success.


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Perception, Provision, Production, and Progression. These four new principals of living are guaranteed to change the way you view personal development and give you the foundation to live the life of your dreams!


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A program for every need!

HD Life promotes the most advanced personal development system in the industry.  There are more tools for success strategy here than in any place in the world.


Destiny Directives

The 8 Destiny Directives is a precise 8 step outline designed to promote a clear conscious towards optimal behavior that leads to awakening to your desires.



Success Strategies is the premier stand-alone workbook that rivals seminars and conferences costing thousands of dollars.  Success never came simpler.

12 Points

of Significance

Significance is the foundation to your existence.  It is the energy in which all other energy is reflected from.  Control this and you control life.

Constellational Mapping

HD Life employs a tonal operative system stemming from a musical strategy that aligns with key frequencies that promote accomplishment with mind blowing accuracy.

The Mind Field Music Method

The Mind Field Music Method is a music system that is sonically enhanced to promote success.  Music comes in several genres, including Jazz, Classical, Piano Sonatas, and R & B.

The Structure of Impressions

We live life within the 5 senses.  The Structure of Impressions will heighten your senses to a series of 8 Impressions that affect every area of life.  Learn to master these impressions.

Piano Sonatas

Piano Sonatas


what it is

Music For Your Personal Development

Mind Field Music is music that is created for  personal advancement in any area of your life.  The music is sonically structured to work on the subconscious level that will push you to extreme levels of accomplishment consciousness.


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